The Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention is, simply put, a wonderful organization that could only be run by wonderful people. I was essentially given free reign to completely redesign their site from scratch, and I can easily say it’s been the result of my most proud work to date. My biggest issue with the original site was that the content seemed to be the only information that was conveyed, leaving the organization’s values (and even their purpose) a complete mystery. When I read their mission statement, I knew it needed to be presented right on their front page, followed by the various means by which they are accomplishing their mission every day. This effortlessly guides site visitors to multimedia presentations of WIVP’s campaigns. The site has a ton of content that is all connected by the company vision, and it’s now organized in a way that promotes easy digestion of the material. The finished product is completely minimalistic and intuitive.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Taylor Plante on our Waitt Institute for Violence Prevention website. Taylor is one of those rare people who knows how to communicate with people regardless of their level of technical knowledge. He accomplished everything I wanted and more and took the time to set up user-friendly ways to update the site. It looks fantastic and works beautifully, thanks to Taylor. I would highly recommend him for any size project.” -Cindy Waitt

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