Waitt Foundation

Ted Waitt is the founder of Gateway computers, and currently operates as one of the most generous philanthropists in the world. The Waitt Foundation is on a mission to protect and restore ocean health by funding global initiatives with a focus on marine protected areas and sustainable fishing policies. There is no question that The Waitt Foundation’s efforts are changing the world for the better. This site has a ton of content that was completely scattered to begin with, so it really put my organizational skills to the test. They are now able to update the site with massive flexibility with simple, clean processes in their WordPress dashboard. As a previously declared marine biology major, this project was especially close to home for me. I am truly excited to read up on the Foundation’s upcoming exploration and research endeavors. It’s an amazing group of people that will undoubtedly improve the state of our oceans for many, many years!

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“In need of an updated website with a fresh look and feel, our organization turned to Taylor. We quickly realized his talents and relied solely on Taylor to conceptualize and execute our vision. With minimal oversight and direction, we were presented with a logical and well-designed theme that is highly functional for our specific needs. More importantly, the architecture on the back-end provides for easily editable content and new additions by staff. It was a pure pleasure working with Taylor and his easy-going personality made for a stress-free process. I am happy to say that we consider Taylor a part of our team and he has gone on to redesign our other websites and continues to collaborate on future projects.” – Cherie Prothro

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