Web Development Learning

As a developer, you have to be ready to drop what you think you know to adopt a new way of thinking at any given time.  There are new solutions to problems every day.  If you read into an unfamiliar coding technique with preconceived thoughts, it clouds your ability to grasp new concepts that can make life a lot easier if embraced.  It’s a challenge to let go of things you become comfortable with, but the rewards of using the right tools for the job far surpass anything that can be achieved with inefficient, dated code.

It becomes really challenging when you have to study something without certainty that it will solve your problem in the end.  But in the time spent troubleshooting, you’re exposed to new concepts (perhaps unnecessary ones in the moment) that lead to greater versatility as a developer.  You also gain the practical skill of defining your problems clearly and correctly, helping you navigate to the answers you need more quickly.

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